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Optics Day

Optics Day is one of the largest events organized by CAOS. Come to join this open house event on March 31st 2017 at CREOL! This event is a chance for the community to get better acquainted with the College of Optics and Photonics through talks, tours and optics demonstrations. Click here for directions

If you want to secure your spot for a lab tour, please RSVP to

Schedule for Optics Day Spring 2017, March 31st

Time Lab Tours (45 mins) Talks (30 mins) Optics Demos
12:00 pm START
12:30 pm Tour A/B Dr. Pieter Kik
Nanophotonics – Squeezing Light into Tiny Spaces
in the Lobby
1:30 pm Tour A/B Dr. Shin-Tson Wu
How do iPhone displays work?
2:30 pm Tour A/B Dr. Peter J. Delfyett
Lasers the Light Fantastic – Science and Applications from Pointers to DVDs
3:30 pm Student Talk
4:30 pm END

Each lab tour will pass through the following labs:

Lab 1: Liquid Crystal Displays
In the first part of this lab, you’ll see the basics in display – the brightness control and color generation. Then, some cutting-edge display technologies will be shown: blue phase liquid crystal with the world’s fastest response time, quantum dots generating vivid colors, switchable lens changing the image location in virtual reality/augmented reality… Come to learn and enjoy!

Lab 2: Integrated Photonic Emerging Solutions (IPES)
Our missions are: Addressing critical problems faced by the photonics industry today through innovative approaches that enable revolutionary advances in integrated devices and circuits on semiconductors; Educating a new generation of creative and highly-skilled semiconductor device engineers, who will be the driving force for technological innovation in industry and academia.

Lab 3: Fiber Optics
Our lab research in optical fiber applications and devices, including photonic lantern which bring the possibility of building space division multiplexed transmission networks (the network in further), and supercontinuum spectrum generation results from the synergy of several nonlinear and linear processes. Come to learn more!
Optics Day
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